Polish Safety and Reliability Association
Polish Safety and Reliability Association
NIP 957-07-01-980      REGON 191516735     
Court register no. 0000085977
Registered address: Al. Jana Pawła II 3, 81-345 GDYNIA
ddress for correspondence: ul. Kazimierza Wiekiego 71, 84-200 KĄPINO
e-mail: prezes@ptbn.plsekretarz@ptbn.pl

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About the Association...

Warsaw University of Technology, 4 April 1997 - meeting of seventeen founding members of PSRA where decision was taken on founding the Association, its objectives were set out and statutory principles adopted.
District Court in Gdansk, 26 November 1997 - registration of the Polish Safety and Reliability Association (Polish acronym - PTBN) under the register number: ST 1385 and approval of its statutes.
Gdansk University of Technology, 20 February 1998 - 1st General Meeting of PSRA, election of the Association Board.

1999 - PSRA becomes a member of the European Safety and Reliability Association.

Zakopane, November 1999 - KONBiN '99 conference where problems of safety and reliability were combined.
Szczyrk, May 2001 - 2nd KONBiN '01 (international) conference.
2001 - Association research teams join the European SAFERELNET research project aimed at determinig the state of knowledge in the field of technical system safety.
Szczyrk, 24 May 2001 - 2nd General Meeting of PSRA.
Szczyrk, 24 May 2001 - the 2nd General Meeting of PSRA adopted a resolution on awarding a honorary membership to Prof. Dobieslaw Bobrowski and Prof. Jerzy Jazwinski as a token of recognition of their contribution to the development of reliability and safety in Poland.
2003 - court registration under the register no. KSR 0000085977.
Gdynia, May 2003 - 3rd KONBiN '03 international conference.
Gdynia, May 2003 – the Functional Safety Management workshops.
Gdansk, June 2003 – the Functional Safety Committee established under the chairmanship of Dr. hab. Kazimierz Kosmowski.
Gdansk, June 2004 – the 3rd General Meeting of PSRA, report accepted on the activities of the Board during the three-year term, new Board elected, changes made to the statutes and objectives of the Association outlined for the years 2004 – 2007.
Jurata, September 2004 – the Functional Safety Management conference and workshops.
Trondheim 1998, Munich 1999, Edinburgh 2000, Turin 2001, Lyon 2002, Maastricht 2003 and Berlin 2004 - members of the Association take creative part in the European safety and reliability ESREL conferences.

PTBN is an association with the status of public benefit organization OPP.