Polish Safety and Reliability Association
Polish Safety and Reliability Association
NIP 957-07-01-980      REGON 191516735     
Court register no. 0000085977
Registered address: Al. Jana Pawła II 3, 81-345 GDYNIA
ddress for correspondence: ul. Kazimierza Wiekiego 71, 84-200 KĄPINO
e-mail: prezes@ptbn.plsekretarz@ptbn.pl

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"Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in the Baltic Sea Region Ports"



EU-CIRCLE’s scope is to derive an innovative framework for supporting the interconnected European Infrastructure’s resilience to climate pressures, supported by an end-to-end modelling environment where new analyses can be added anywhere along the analysis workflow and multiple scientific disciplines can work together to understand interdependencies, validate results, and present findings in a unified manner providing an efficient “Best of Breeds” solution of integrating into a holistic resilience model existing modelling tools and data in a standardised fashion.
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PTBN is an association with the status of public benefit organization OPP.