Polish Safety and Reliability Association
Polish Safety and Reliability Association
NIP 957-07-01-980      REGON 191516735     
Court register no. 0000085977
Registered address: Al. Jana Pawła II 3, 81-345 GDYNIA
ddress for correspondence: ul. Kazimierza Wiekiego 71, 84-200 KĄPINO
e-mail: prezes@ptbn.plsekretarz@ptbn.pl

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PSRA is an interdisciplinary scientific association of persons cooperating in the development, practical application and propagation of achievements of the science of safety and reliability, understood as comprising safety problems created by technology and nature as well as reliability in the man-technology-environment systems.


PSRA activity is based on the law of associations and the law of common good activity. It has a legal status and is a common good organization.


Objectives of PSRA are the following:

  • Development of the safety and reliability science and engineering.
  • Integration of people and groups dealing with safety and reliability on the territory of the Polish Republic.
  • Supporting all the lawful practical actions for conscious and rational approach to safety and reliability levels in relation to hazards created by technical objects and natural environment, in particular actions undertaken in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • Taking initiatives, including legislative initiatives, with respective state and local government organs for establishing appropriate safety and reliability levels.
  • Propagation of the general, technical and management knowledge on safety and reliability in the Polish society as a whole and in respective consultative bodies.


PSRA endeavors to achieve its goals through:

  • Cooperation with respective state and local government organs, enterprises, associations, universities as well as scientific and research institutions and organizations.
  • Initiating and supporting research and implementation work in the field of safety and reliability.
  • Collecting and processing information as well as creating databases pertaining to: safety and reliability as a field of science and engineering, scientific work of PSRA members, their research, implementation, teaching and expert work.
  • Dissemination of information, creating opportunities for exchange of knowledge and practical experience among the safety and reliability specialists.
  • Setting up specialist groups for research, consultative, implementation, expert assessment and training work in the field of safety and reliability.
  • Propagation and popularization of knowledge on safety and reliability among members of the Association and interested persons from the state and local administration, educational establishments, industry, transport, trade, agriculture, medicine and other services, by organizing or co-organizing congresses, conferences, symposia, meetings, lectures etc.
  • Publishing activity.
  • Inicjowanie publikacji w prasie i mediach audiowizyjnych.
  • Information dissemination through computer networks.
  • Cooperation with corresponding international and foreign associations and organizations.
  • Undertaking business activity in a determined scope in order to earn money means for the Association activities.

PTBN is an association with the status of public benefit organization OPP.